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Choosing MakeDisk or BootItNG.EXE to Create the BootIt NG Boot Media


When creating the BootIt NG boot media in Windows, it's recommended to use MakeDisk.


  • Provides an easy to use GUI interface.

  • Creates multiple types of media (floppy disk, CD/DVD, ISO file, flash drive).

  • Supports direct burning to a CD or DVD disc.

  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.



While not as feature-rich as MakeDisk, BootItNG.EXE provides DOS users the ability to create the BootIt NG boot media.


  • Text-based interface.

  • Creates¬†floppy disk media or an ISO file. The ISO file can be burned to a CD/DVD disc using BurnCDCC or any other ISO capable burning program (direct burning to CD/DVD by BootItNG.EXE is not supported).

  • Includes extra error checking that MakeDisk doesn't have: If the DISKIMG3.DAT file is corrupted, it will catch it (MakeDisk only checks that DISKIMG3.DAT was transferred properly).

  • Can be used in Windows 9x through Windows 2003 (32-bit versions only). Note: If run in Windows, it must be a version of Windows that supports 16-bit DOS programs.

Note: BootItNG.EXE is not supported on 64-bit versions of Windows. If using a 64-bit version of Windows, use MakeDisk to create the boot media.

For more information on creating the BootIt NG boot media, please refer to the appropriate section of the BootIt Next Generation Installation and Getting Started Guide.

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